The resources linked from this page provide the important information about each product and version of all GemTalk products. Reading the information linked from this page will help you understand and use your GemStone software.

In addition to the information provided for individual products and versions, version compatibility tables, and techtips that are provided here, you should also refer to the bugnotes.

Product and Version information

Full documentation, bugnotes, compatibility, and selected downloads are available for current and past versions of GemStone products.

GemStone/S 64 GemStone/S GBS/VW GBS/VA GemConnect GBJ
3.4.x       3.0.x
3.3.x       3.1.x
3.2.x       2.4.x
6.x 7.x and 8.x 5.4.x
2.x 3.x


The Compatibility Tables provide the tested and fully supported version combinations for the GemStone server, operating system, and GemBuilder for Smalltalk.

GemStone/S 64
OS Platforms
OS Platforms
Platform, Server, and
Client Smalltalk
Platform, Server, and
Client Smalltalk
Platform Compatibility Platform Compatibility GBS 8.1
GBS 7.6.1
GBS 7.6
GBS 7.5
GBS 7.4.1
GBS 5.4.3
GBS 5.4.2
GBS 5.4.1
GBS 5.3.2
GBS 5.2.7

Tech Tips

Tech tips are expert guidelines for GemStone/S development and administration. Check here for hints and shortcuts that may not be available in the documentation.

Note that some of these tips include portions that do not apply to current versions, and are included for reference.

Counting instances in a repository

Category TechTip Applies to versions Last updated
Performance and Tuning Counting instances in a repository GSS and GS64 June 2016
Performance and Tuning Causes of Repository Growth GSS and GS64 June 2005
Performance and Tuning Garbage Collection GSS 5.x October 1999
Performance and Tuning Tuning the Not Connected Set GSS October 1999
Setup and Configuration Netldi Port Use GSS; GS64 prior to v3.2 June 2005
Debugging How to get a stack trace on Windows GSS March 2010
Debugging RPC Logins – debugging timeouts and failures GSS and GS64, up to the introduction of PageManager May 2003
Debugging Remote Linked Logins GSS August 2004
Indexing Indexes in GemStone GSS and GS64, prior to v3.2 December 2010
Indexing Avoiding Set-Valued Indexes GSS December 2010