GemStone/S product logo32-bit GemStone/S is our classic object server, supported and maintained for the convenience of our legacy customers.

We recommend all GemStone/S users migrate to the GemStone/S 64 Bit product, which provides all the benefits of 32-bit GemStone/S, plus much faster performance, higher scalability, and many new features.

Licensing & Terms of Use

A license and keyfile are required to use the 32-bit GemStone/S product. We encourage anyone considering evaluating GemStone to look at GemStone/S 64 Bit. Existing customers that need a new temporary keyfile for non-commercial, academic, or for evaluating GemStone on a new platform may contact


To lookup the OS platforms supported by each version of GemStone/S, see GemStone/S Platform Compatibility.

Current version – 6.7

Released December 2015

GemStone/S v6.7 is a maintenance release, providing updated platforms, a number of new features, added system cache statistics, and fixing a number of bugs.

For documentation, download, and other information on older versions, refer to the 6.x versions page.


Release Notes v6.7  pdf  html
Installation Guides: User Manuals:
     Linux v6.7      System Admin for UNIX v6.6
     Solaris v6.7      System Admin for Windowsv6.6
     AIX v6.7      Programming Guide v6.0
     Windows v6.7      GemBuilder for C v6.6
       Topaz Manual v6.2


Before downloading, you must agree to the terms of your GemTalk Systems contract license agreement.

Download the version of 6.7 for your Operating System:


Bug Notes

Bugnotes for 6.7

For bugnotes for other versions and other products, see the complete list on the Bugnotes Resource Page.