GemStone/S product logo32-bit GemStone/S is our classic object server, supported and maintained for the convenience of our legacy customers.

We recommend all GemStone/S users migrate to the GemStone/S 64 Bit product, which provides all the benefits of 32-bit GemStone/S, plus much faster performance, higher scalability, and many new features.

Licensing & Terms of Use

A license and keyfile are required to use the 32-bit GemStone/S product. We encourage anyone considering evaluating GemStone to look at GemStone/S 64 Bit. Existing customers that need a new temporary keyfile for non-commercial, academic, or for evaluating GemStone on a new platform may contact

Release History

For a list of past versions of GemStone/S, and the release notes describing changes in each version, see the Release History and Table of Release Notes.

Platform Compatibility

To lookup the OS platforms supported for each version of GemStone/S, see GemStone/S Platform Compatibility.

Current version –

Released October 2021

GemStone/S v6.7.2.1 is a maintenance release, fixing a startup issue impacting AIX.

For documentation, download, and other information on older versions, refer to the 6.x versions page.


Release Notes v6.7.2.1  pdf  html
Installation Guides: User Manuals:
     Linux v6.7.2      System Admin for UNIX v6.6
     Solaris v6.7.2      System Admin for Windowsv6.6
     AIX v6.7.2      Programming Guide v6.0
     Windows v6.7.2      GemBuilder for C v6.6
       Topaz Manual v6.2


Before downloading, you must agree to the terms of your GemTalk Systems contract license agreement.

Download the version of for your Operating System:


Bug Notes

Bugnotes for

For bugnotes for other versions and other products, see the complete list on the Bugnotes Resource Page.