Solving business problems and developing and maintaining Enterprise applications require a powerful environment that can provide scalability, robustness, and flexibility. For decades, the GemStone/S™ software environment has been a competitive advantage for our customers, allowing their organizations to grow, to handle extreme demands, while providing a flexible and responsive environment to respond to changing business needs.

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GemStone/S™ is our state-of-the-art platform for developing, deploying, and managing scalable, high-performance, multi-tier applications based on business objects. GemStone/S provides the flexible distribution of processing, security, and robustness your enterprise needs for business-critical, 24×7 environments.

GemStone/S server products provide the core server environment. GemTalk offers other products that provide optional additional interfaces, depending on your business needs.

Building high-performance applications is more than acquiring software. In addition to the GemStone/S product family, GemTalk Systems provides world-class technical support, training, and consulting. Our Engineering Team works together to provide these services; our focus is to provide the very highest quality of integrated products and technical services for our customers.

GemTalk’s Technical Support is dedicated to the success of our customers, taking whatever time and effort is needed to understand, solve, and explain technical problems and questions.Learn More
GemTalk offers every level of training — from basic to advanced — to users of our software. Training can be held at the customer site or at our headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon USA.Learn More
GemTalk consulting can provide you with GemStone expertise at whatever level you need, from remote code review and feature development, through performance tuning, and even temporary staffing for specific GemStone projects. GemTalk consultants have unparalleled ability to help you get the most out of your GemStone system. Learn More