GemBuilder® for Smalltalk / VW provides an interface between Smalltalk clients in Cincom’s VisualWorks Smalltalk and GemStone, and works with the Smalltalk execution engine to support application partitioning for improved client/server performance.

GemBuilder for Smalltalk also extends the development environment by providing specific tools for developing GemStone/S applications, including browsers, inspectors, debuggers, and system administration tools.


GemBuilder for Smalltalk / VW maintains compatibility with new releases of Cincom’s VisualWorks Smalltalk product, as well as with new releases of the GemStone/S object servers. GemBuilder for Smalltalk/VW is supported on Windows and Linux platforms.

Licensing & Terms of Use

You must agree to license terms and have an appropriate GemStone/S server license and keyfile, in order to use GemBuilder for Smalltalk / VW.

GemTalk licensing options include free and low cost Community and Web Edition subscription licensing, and custom perpetual Enterprise licensing. For more information on licensing, see GemStone Licensing, or contact GemTalk sales.

Release History

For a list of past versions of GemBuilder for Smalltalk/VW, and the release notes describing changes in each version, see the Release History and Table of Release Notes.

Version Compatibility

To lookup the GemStone Server product and versions, client Smalltalk versions, and OS platforms supported by GemBuilder for Smalltalk/Vw, see the following:

GBS 8.6 Compatibility
GBS 8.5 Compatibility
GBS 8.4 Compatibility
GBS 8.3 Compatibility
GBS 8.2 Compatibility
GBS 8.1 Compatibility
GBS 7.6.1 Compatibility

Current version – 8.6

Released February 2022
Client Smalltalk: VisualWorks 9.1.1
GemStone Server: GemStone/S 64 Bit v3.6.x and 3.5.x

GBS v8.6 is a maintenance release, with feature enhancements, certification for VW 9.1.1, and fixing a number of bugs.

For documentation, download, and other information on older versions, see All GBS/VW versions.


Release Notes v8.6   pdf   html
Installation Guide v8.6   pdf   html
User’s Guide v8.4   pdf   html


To download v8.6, see the GBS/VW Product Versions page.

Before downloading, you must agree to the Community Edition License Terms, or the terms of your GemTalk Systems contract license agreement.

Bug Notes

Bugnotes describe bugs and unexpected behavior in versions of GemStone software. Refer to these bugnotes regularly to be sure you are aware of issues you may encounter.

Bugnotes for 8.6

For bugnotes for other versions and other products, see the complete list on the Bugnotes Resource Page.