Customers with a current support contract may submit requests for Technical Support directly to GemTalk Technical Support. GemTalk provides a number of ways for both customers with support contracts, and other users, to locate the information they need and to get help for issues that are not covered by the information on this site.

As always, we request that users review documentation and bugnotes for their issues before contacting GemTalk Technical Support.

Read the release notes, installation guides, and other technical documentation. This is available via the Resources area; look up the product and version you are using.
Review bugnotes for issues that might be related. This also appears with the version information for each product, under Resources.
Post a question on the mailing lists; either the GemStone customer list or the GsDevKit list. GemStone users or GemTalk staff usually respond quickly to such posts.
If you have the appropriate support contract, and are a designated contact for your organization, submit a help request to GemTalk Technical Support. For more information about submitting help requests, including GemTalk hours and holidays, see Help Requests.
If the question relates to your products, keyfiles, licence limits, or upgrades, contact GemTalk sales.