Only customers with a current support contract may submit requests directly to GemTalk Technical Support.

As always, we request that users review documentation and bugnotes for their issues before contacting GemTalk for assistance.

Read the release notes, installation guides, and other technical documentation. This is available via the Product Information area; look up the product and version you are using.
Review bugnotes for issues that might be related. This also appears with the version information for each product, or look up your version under Bugnotes.
Post a question on the mailing lists; either the GemStone customer list or the GsDevKit list. GemStone users or GemTalk staff usually respond quickly to such posts.
If the question relates to your products, keyfiles, or licence limits, or if you need help beyond normal Technical Support, contact GemTalk sales.

When you need Technical Assistance

Customers with Standard Support

Customers with current support contracts may submit Help Request tickets using the Online system

or via email to .

Support tickets (help requests) are handled during GemTalk Technical Support normal business hours.

Customers with 24×7 Support Contracts

24×7 support is an optional addition to a standard support contract. This allows immediate assistance for production down or potential production down issues.

Customers with 24×7 support with a production down issue should:

The 24×7 hotline number is provided privately, directly to contract customers.

Customers without Support Contracts

GemStone users that do not have support contracts may ask their questions on the Customer forum or the GsDevKit forum. These lists are monitored by GemTalk staff, as well as customers and active members of the GemStone community.

These lists are also a place to ask questions that are outside the expertise of Technical Support, such as third party software.

Information to provide when submitting a ticket

The essential information needed on the help request is:

  • A clear description of the problem
  • GemTalk product/s, version/s, and platform/s
  • The business impact and severity of the problem
  • Supporting information, such as a exact error messages, logs, stack traces, and statmonitor data
  • Your name, company name, email address and optionally, a phone number where you can be contacted