About Smalltalk

Smalltalk is an object-oriented programming language and associated development environments. A precursor to Java, Smalltalk was originally released in the 1980s. It has experienced continuous development throughout the decades, allowing it to become a mission-critical and reliable technology for developing, deploying, and managing high-performance business objects.

The Smalltalk language is classified as object-oriented, dynamically typed, and reflective.

Would you like to know how Smalltalk has evolved? Check out this diagram of the history of Smalltalk D.


One of the more popular Smalltalk implementations is Pharo D.

You can use the Web Edition of GemStone/S (GLASS) with Pharo (and Squeak). There’s no charge for small-to-medium apps.

Resources on Smalltalk

The worldwide community of Smalltalk users share a lot of information online. Here’s a sampling:

A blog called, simply, On Smalltalk

Local user groups: a list D

Discussion Forums:

Downloadable books D about Smalltalk

Advice from Bloggers: for Developers Considering Smalltalk

Today’s Smalltalk: A Second Look At The First OO Language D

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Some Resources for People Who Want to Learn Smalltalk D

Smalltalk 101 D

GemTalkers Are Talking About Smalltalk

Two of our engineers have blogs:

(gem)Stone Soup D by Dale Henrichs

Programming Gems (on GemStone) D by James Foster

Many of our engineers participate in conferences about Smalltalk. See About the Company.