Products and Projects

GemTalk continues to innovate on its flagship product, GemStone/S, including the creation of projects to make it usable for Ruby programmers and web application developers.


GemStone/SThe GemStone/S object server provides an advanced platform for developing, deploying and managing scalable, mission-critical applications. It provides the robust, scalable, secure and flexible environment required for mission-critical applications, and supports the high-availability online environment demanded by 24X7 operations.

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MagLevMagLev is a Ruby-based implementation that provides “image-based persistence” for the Ruby language and native Ruby objects. MagLev makes the scalability and performance of GemStone/S available to the Ruby community. It can run with tens of thousands of concurrent processes spread across multiple cores and machines.

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GLASSGLASS, also known as the GemStone/S Web Edition, is a powerful new way to rapidly create and deploy scaleable data-oriented web applications.

It combines the simplicity of the open source Seaside web development framework, with GemStone/S’s advantages of transparent persistence, enterprise scalability, and legendary reliability.

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