Bug 47650



2.4, 2.3

All Platforms

Reading of CLOBS > 65K as LONG/LONGRAW can cause problems

This is related to bug 44784 (Reading/Writing BLOBS/CLOBS > 64K using default LONG/LONGRAW configuration will silently truncate).

On some Oracle and GsOracleConnection parameter configurations, attempts to read CLOBS > 64K using the default LONG/LONGRAW configuration may instead do one of:

1.  Hang the gem.

2.  Trigger an Oracle ORA-03106: fatal two-task communication protocol error.

3.  Silently truncate the CLOB to 65536 bytes, and generate the following warning to the log file:

[Info] ORA-24345: A Truncation or null fetch error occurred

Note that the default behavior is still to silently truncate the CLOB to 65536 bytes, which may not be desirable.


Read the column as GsOracleCLOBs (set lobLimit > 0) and perform #readAll on the contents.

Last updated: 7/19/18