Bug 46468

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GbjDebugger / client forwarder problems

Use of client forwarders or the GbjDebugger tool can result in the following stack:

  Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" com.gemstone.gbjgci.GbjGciException: GBJ  Error: a InternalError occurred (error 2101), The object with object ID XXXXXXXX  does not exist.
     at com.gemstone.gbjgci.GbjGciException.setup(GbjGciException.java:76)
     at com.gemstone.gbjgci.GbjGciInterface.serverContinue(GbjGciInterface.java:1277)
     at com.gemstone.tools.GbxToolsSupportImpl.continueProcess_(GbxToolsSupportImpl.java:922)

This issue required server side fixes, done on the following versions:


Last updated: 6/11/19