Bug 43822


2.4, 2.3

All Platforms

Problems with QuadByte-range characters in CLOBS/NCLOBS

Currently you cannot read/write QuadByteStrings containing characters with
a codepoint > 16rFFF to/from CLOBS/NCLOBS.  Attempting to do so will generate
the error:

GemStone: Error Nonfatal
a GsRdbError occurred (error 25), reason:typeConversionError, Cannot convert
GS Object or Oracle column data, connection: aGsOracleConnection stream:
nil details: anArray( nil, #'GsLobOp/ReadAll', 4, nil, 'Source sequence
is illegal/malformed on UTF8/STR conversion') Error Category: 231169 [GemStone]
Number: 25 Arg Count: 0 Context : XXXX exception : XXXXX


No workaround.

Last updated: 4/9/14