Bug 43788


2.4, 2.3

All Platforms

NCLOBS cannot be read as LONG/LONGRAW

GemConnect currently allows BLOBS and CLOBS to be read in as LONG/LONGRAW
Oracle datatypes, allowing the use of normal SQL select/insert calls to
access and update them. But the new NCLOB datatype cannot be processed
this way.  Attempting to do so will generate the error:

ERROR 6 , a GsRdbError occurred (error 6), reason:oracleError, An unexpected
error was encountered during Oracle processing, connection: aGsOracleConnection
stream: aGsRdbWriteStream details: 'Attempt to read/write an NCLOB as a


Access NCLOBS using the GsOracleLOB readAll / writeAll operators.

Last updated: 4/9/14