Bug 37786


2.0.1, 2.0

All platforms


Oracle error information is not cleared until next error

Oracle error information is returned as an argument in appropriate
GemConnect errors, and is also available in GsOracleConnection>>messages.
This information is kept around until the next Oracle error occurs.

If a non-Oracle related GemConnect error is triggered later, this now
obsolete information can still be retrieved from GsOracleConnection>>messages,
and can cause some confusion since it's not related with the current
error scenario.

Also, some Oracle errors are handled internally by GemConnect and
should be invisible to the application.  But these will also set
GsOracleConnection>>messages, and can cause confusion on a subsequent
non-Orcle related GemConnect error.


Ignore GsOracleConnection>>messages when handling a non-Oracle GemConnect


Last updated: 10/27/08