Bug 27268

GemStone/S, 6.7.2, 6.7.1, 6.7, 6.6.5, 6.6.4,,, 6.6.3, 6.6.2, 6.6.1, 6.6, 6.5.8,, 6.5.7, 6.5.6, 6.5.5, 6.5.4, 6.5.2, 6.5.1, 6.5, 6.3.1, 6.3, 6.2.x, 6.2, 6.1.6, 6.1.5, 6.1.x, 6.0.2, 6.0.1, 6.0


Interrupted recovery can lead to page audit errors

If you kill the stone during system recovery (while tranlogs are being
replayed to restore transactions committed since the last checkpoint),
and then restart the stone again and allow it to sucessfully recover,
the resulting system may generate the following error messages during
page audits:

   The number of free pages (1234) does not agree with audit results (1212).
   Audit and Repository disagree on Page #12345
      Audit indicates that it is _not_ allocated.
      Found pagekind = 4  

This indicates that there are pages in the repository which are not
currently used, but which are not properly listed on the free page list.  
These pages are effectively no longer available to the system and waste
space, but otherwise cause no harm.  

To clear the condition, you can either:

1.  Restore from a backup to a clean extent and replay tranlogs.

2.  Generate a new backup from the corrupted system, then restore
    the backup to a clean extent (required if STN_TRAN_FULL_LOGGING
    = FALSE).


No workaround


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