Bug 50847


GemStone/S 64 Bit



Risk of garbage collection of live objects

In code changes that were introduced in v3.6.7, there was a corner case in which an iteration in creating the transitive closure of live objects could terminate before it was complete, such that some objects could be omitted. These objects would be subject to garbage collection. This is expected to be rare and related to configurations with multiple extents with many threads.


Due to this bug, version 3.6.7 should not be used, and is not available for download.

v3.6.7 is quite recent, and was only available for download for a short period; we do not expect it to have been put into production use. If you have installed v3.6.7, you can detect problems using objectAudit. Contact GemTalk Technical Support if you have issues or questions.


Last updated: 1/24/24