Bug 49546




GS/32 6.7.2 on AIX only

GemConnect 2.2.2 on GS/32 6.7.2 on AIX fails

Attempting to load the supplied GemConnect 2.2.2 library on GS/32 6.7.2 on AIX fails with the following error:

GemStone: Error Nonfatal
An attempt to load a user action library failed because: 'GciLoadUserActionLibrary could not load $GEMSTONE/ualib/liboraapi222-32.so.
  Reason: dlopen($GEMSTONE/ualib/liboraapi222-32.so) failed because rtld: 0712-001 Symbol __gxx_personality_v0 was referenced from module $GEMSTONE/ualib/liboraapi222-32
Error Category: [GemStone] Number: 2171 Arg Count: 1
Arg 1: GciLoadUserActionLibrary could not load $GEMSTONE/ualib/liboraapi222-32


Please contact GemTalk Technical Support for a replacement version of liboraapi222-32.so

Last updated: 5/18/21