Bug 49414

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GciTransportError on GBJ methods executing server code calling user actions

If an application calls a GBJ method which executes server-side smalltalk code that in turn calls a user action, a GciTransportError will be triggered similar to:

Exception in thread "main" com.gemstone.gbj.GbjRuntimeException: a GciTransportError occurred (error 2728), client user action not supported during non-blocking GCI call actionNameOop 5264129
     at com.gemstone.gbj.GbjException.setup(GbjException.java:150)
     at com.gemstone.gbj.GbjSession.handleExecutionException(GbjSession.java:487)
     at com.gemstone.gbj.GbjSession.perform(GbjSession.java:1435)
     at com.gemstone.gbj.GbjObject.perform(GbjObject.java:476)
     at com.gemstone.gbj.GbjObject.sendMsg(GbjObject.java:526)

Examination of the GCI call actionNameOop will indicate the name of the user action being called.

Affected GBJ methods include:



Last updated: 2/26/21