Bug 49328

GemStone/S 64 Bit



Filein via topaz input may break in some cases of GsPackagePolicy enabled

In some configurations where GsPackagePolicy is inadvertently enabled, after upgrade to v3.6 the ordinary filein of GemStone code (e.g. using the topaz input command) may be broken. Filein appears to work, but after logout and login, the changes disappear. If the class existed prior to the filein, all methods may be missing after logout/login.

With GsPackagePolicy enabled, the use of the transient symbol dictionary was inadvertently enabled.  v3.6 changed the way the transient and persistent symbolLists are handled.  The result is that the filed-in changes could end up in the transient symbol dictionary, and thus disappear on logout.

fileouts that include the class definition (output using standard GemStone fileout operators), have a fileout format includes topaz directives to remove all methods on that class. The effects of removeAllMethods are not transient, so after filein and logout, if the class previously existed, it was left with no methods at all.


If GsPackagePolicy was inadverently enabled though previously benign, disable it using:

   GsPackagePolicy current disable

Last updated: 2/12/21