Bug 49195





GemConnect library load fail on AIX version 7 and later

On AIX version 7 and greater, you may experience the following error when loading the GemConnect library:

Error 2171 , a ImproperOperation occurred (error 2171), user action library load  failed, 'GciLoadUserActionLibrary failed, dlopen failed, 0509-130 Symbol resolution failed for $ORACLE_HOME/lib/libons.so because:
        0509-136 Symbol CreateIoCompletionPort (number 93) is not exported from
                   dependent module /unix.
        0509-136 Symbol GetQueuedCompletionStatus (number 94) is not exported from
                   dependent module /unix.
        0509-136 Symbol ReadFile (number 95) is not exported from
                   dependent module /unix.
        0509-136 Symbol WriteFile (number 96) is not exported from
                   dependent module /unix.
        0509-022 Cannot load module $GEMSTONE/ualib/liboraapi24-643.so.
        0509-026 System error: Cannot run a file that does not have a valid format.
        0509-192 Examine .loader section symbols with the
                 ''dump -Tv'' command.; Filename: $GEMSTONE/ualib/liboraapi24-643.so' ERROR: UNEXPECTED ERROR

Fix is to change the IOCP IBM AIX parameter from “defined” to “available” by executing the following as root:

  unix> mkdev -l iocp0
  Response should be: iocp0 Available

Last updated: 10/26/20