Bug 48434



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Various NCLOB handling errors

GemConnect 2.3 has a number of related issues in the handling of NCLOB data, including:

*  When reading a NCLOB using "aClob readAll: recommendedClass", results would sometimes not be reduced properly (for example, a NCLOB containing only ASCII characters could be returned as a QuadByteString instead of a String.

*  Incorrect triggering of "Insufficient room in target buffer for conversion" error when room still available.

*  Occasional triggering of the error:

    ERROR 26 , a GsRdbError occurred (error 26), reason:internalError,
    a GsOracleConnection, a UndefinedObject, a UndefinedObject,
    Unexpected Oracle error, anArray (GsRdbError)

masking another Oracle error, making diagnosis difficult.

Last updated: 12/10/19