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6.7.0 to 6.7.1 upgrade does not require file-in

There are no image changes between GS/32 versions 6.7.0 to 6.7.1, so a file-in of kernel methods during an upgrade is not necessary.  But we do still need to update internal version information and the (Globals at: #DbfHistory) String.

If you are performing a 6.7.0 to 6.7.1 upgrade, you may safely ignore the normal upgrade procedure and instead use the following instructions:

1.  Request the script upgradeImage670to671 from GemTalk Technical Support.

2.  Stop your 6.7.0 stone and netldi.

3.  Update your $GEMSTONE to the 6.7.1 release.

4.  Do a normal startstone (do NOT use startstone -C).

5.  Execute the upgradeImage670to671 script:

   unix>  upgradeImage670to671 -s <stone> -p <passwordForSystemUser>

Note that you *do not* need to change the SystemUser password back to the default 'swordfish' to do the upgrade.  If the password *is* 'swordfish' you can omit the -p <password> parameters when calling the upgradeImage670to671 script.

This completes the 6.7.0 to 6.7.1 upgrade procedure.  Note that (Globals at: #DbfHistory) will have the following appended to indicate this:

GemStone 6.7 to 6.7.1 QUICK upgrade (no kernel file-in) completed at DD/MM/20YR HR:MN:SC

Last updated: 12/4/18