Bug 47511


GemBuilder for Smalltalk/VW

8.3, 8.2


GS operations in Workspace not working correctly with 7.10.1

GBS adds operations GS-Do it, etc., to the pop up menus, menu bar menus, and the icon bar.  Due to changes in the way VW handles these menus, these operations fail with VW 7.10.1; they work correctly with VW 8.x.

In GBS version 8.2, the pop-up menu items works correctly, but the menu bar and icon bar items fail.


Download and install the following patches.

Gbs7.10.1-Patch47511-Popup.st fixes the problem with the Popup menu in 8.3.

Gbs7.10.1-Patch47511-MenuBar.st fixes the problem with the Menu and icon bar, which is in 8.3 and in earlier versions.

Last updated: 3/30/18