Bug 46826


2.4, 2.3

All Platforms

Do not copy the GemConnect install version of liboraapi23-643.so to $GEMSTONE/ualib

Step 10 on page 13 of the GemConnect 2.3 install guide instructs the user to copy the liboraapi23-643.so library from the GemConnect installation to $GEMSTONE/ualib. This instruction was correct when GemConnect 2.3 was first released and none of the currently released versions of GemStone had a $GEMSTONE/ualib/liboraapi23-643.so library available. But since then, each subsequent GemStone release has included an updated version of $GEMSTONE/ualib/liboraapi23-643.so that supercedes the original version included with GemConnect.

If you *do* copy over the $GEMCONNECT/ualib/liboraapi23-643.so library to a recent $GEMSTONE/ualib directory, attempts to load that library may fail.  The error will vary according to the version of GemStone and the platform.  As an example, the following error was generated on Linux running GS/64 3.3.3:

ERROR 2171 , a ImproperOperation occurred (error 2171), user action library load failed, 'GciLoadUserActionLibrary could not find GciUserActionLibraryMain'' in /apps/gemstone/product/ualib/liboraapi23-643.so
  Reason: dlsym(GciUserActionLibMain) failed because /apps/gemstone/product/ualib/liboraapi23-643.so: undefined symbol: GciUserActionLibMain' (ImproperOperation)


Restore the version of $GEMSTONE/ualib/liboraapi23-643.so that was delivered with the $GEMSTONE product.

Last updated: 4/27/17