Bug 46811

GemStone/S 64 Bit

3.3.4, 3.3.3, 3.3.2, 3.3.1


Restore from backup issues with ICU library version in an upgraded repository

When a repository upgrades from 3.2.x to v3.3.1 or later, you must configure your environment to use the appropriate ICU library; this process is described in the Installation Guide.  If the version of ICU library that is loaded into the process does not match the repository setting for ICU library version, then logins are disallowed.

The standard process to restore from programmatic backup, however, relies on the clean extent0.dbf, which will have a different repository setting than an upgraded repository.  You must configure your system to allow the initial login to the clean extent, and to login to the restored repository.


There are several ways to handle this.

-- The most simple option is to set the environment variable $GS_LIB_ICU_BYPASS, and login and perform your restore as SystemUser.

-- Instead of using the clean extent from $GEMSTONE/bin, you can restore into an extent that has the appropriate ICU library setting, that is, into a non-clean extent. This will allow your restore process to be othewise changed from previous releases.

You can set the ICU library version in an otherwise clean extent by executing as SystemUser:

    Globals at: #IcuLibraryVersion put: '51.2'

using whatever the version of the ICU libraries that is in the repository to be restored.  Save this extent in a well-known location so it can be used for any future restores into this version.

-- An approach that is more effort but does not require SystemUser access uses the $GS_LIB_ICU_VERSION environment variable.  In the environment in which you are performing the restore, first set $GS_LIB_ICU_VERSION to the ICU library version for the clean extent, which allows DataCurator or any user to login.  Restore the backup as usual.  After restore, you will need to exit topaz and unset this variable, or set it to the version in the restored repository, before you can login again.

Last updated: 5/2/17