Bug 46575

GemStone/S 64 Bit


All Platforms


Upgrade errors during postconv on SortedCollections

During the recompilation of sort blocks in persistent SortedCollections in the postconv phase of a DB upgrade, if you specify more gems to do the conversion (postconv -n) than the number of SortedCollections needing conversion in the DB, error messages and stack traces will be generated in the second and following convertSortedColls_X.log files of the form:

topaz 1> run SortedCollection convertInstancesFromFilesForGem: X of: XXX
Error 2010 , a MessageNotUnderstood occurred (error 2010), a Character does not understand  #'-' (MessageNotUnderstood)

These errors may be safely ignored.

You can avoid these errors on future runs by specifying fewer sessions in the -n option of the postconv command.  Review the first file convertSortedColls_1.log for the line:

SortedCollection conversion done. Of XX total: AA failed, BB successful (CC unique)

And specify -n no greater than XX (1 if XX = 0).

Alternatively, check with GemTalk Technical Support for a patch file for this bug.

Note that this is a different issue than that described in bug 42592.

Last updated: 12/23/16