Bug 46196

GemStone/S 64 Bit

3.2.14, 3.2.13

Linux only


Using symlinks for $GEMSTONE subdirectories results in startstone / gslist problems

Do not move $GEMSTONE subdirectories to other disk locations and use symlinks in $GEMSTONE to reference them.  Doing so will result in several problems:

** gslist -v reports "killed" status for any netldi process.

** startstone will fail due to a timeout in the pcmonitor process. Stone log shows:

The stone was unable to start a cache page server on host '<stone's host>'. Reason: fork of cache monitor failed, Monitor process (XXXXXX) did not start.


Reason: connect to cache monitor (timeout 60000ms) failed, 9 17

While the shared page cache monitor log shows:

(Normal startup messages)
. . .
[Error]: stone or cache pgsvr did not connect within 20 seconds after cache created
. . .
  The Shared Page Cache Monitor is shutting down.


Don't use symlinks in $GEMSTONE; keep $GEMSTONE subdirectories intact under the $GEMSTONE top-level directory.

Last updated: 5/13/16