Bug 45696


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Using instancesAreForwarders without a class connector can cause problems

Client classes that implement the class side method #instancesAreForwarders to return true should also establish a class connector for this class.  This is to insure that a replication clamp is setup on the server during login that recognizes the client will be treating instances of this class as a forwarder, and not attempt to ship back for replication unnecessary data.

Usually this unnecessary data is just ignored by the client, but in certain cases can cause spurious errors.  For example, if the GBS client has generateClientClasses disabled, and the unnecessary data sent back happens to contain an instance of a class not known by the client, this will trigger a "No client class... class generation is disabled" error.


Establish class connectors for all classes implementing #instancesAreForwarders.

Last updated: 11/17/17