Bug 45188

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quickObjectAuditWithLevel: reports of objects referencing invalid oops later reported nonexistent

One of the short-cuts taken by quickObjectAuditWithlevel: that allow it to run faster than a normal objectAudit: has a side-effect that will cause objects reported as referencing invalids oops to also be reported as non-existent.  For example, you might see something like this:

object XXXX oops[N] has value ZZZZ which is not a valid oop
GemStone is now beginning a detailed re-scan of the Repository to obtain specific diagnoses of the above problems.
Object YYYY, of class C, at 1-based offset N, references nonexistent object XXXX

In this case, you can safely ignore the report that object XXXX is nonexistent.

Last updated: 4/17/15