Bug 45100


GemBuilder for Smalltalk/VW

8.3, 8.2, 8.1, 8.0, 7.6.1, 7.6, 7.5, 7.4.1, 7.4

With GS64 v3.1.x and 3.2.x

Debugger close opens a second debugger; subsequent run may hang connection

If the debugger is opened as a result of encountering a breakpoint, and the debugger window is closed, in some cases a second debugger will appear on the same code.  If you press run on this second debugger, the GemStone connection may become stuck.

This is due to a server bug in which the terminate message used by GBS did not work correctly in GemStone/S 64 Bit 3.1.x and 3.2.x versions; it does not occur with GemStone/S 64 Bit 2.4.x or 3.3.x.


If you see this second debugger, use the windowing system close, do not attempt to restart execution.

Last updated: 7/5/16