Bug 44903

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System class >> standbyVmSessionId removed

The method System class >> standbyVmSessionId was intended to be deprecated, but was removed from the product.  In addition, the non-functional methods   startStandbySession and stopStandbySession were also removed.

Note that while the Smalltalk methods were removed, the underlying zero argument primitives called by them are still present.  Customers are cautioned *not* to attempt to restore these commands by directly calling _zeroArgPrim: with either arguments 149 or 15 0.  It is still safe to call primitive 151 directly to retrieve the standby session ID.


Use OS level shell scripts to execute appropriate startlogsender / startlogreceiver commands.

If you need to retrieve the session ID of the standby session, you can execute:

System _zeroArgPrim: 151

or alternatively, restore the method standbyVmSessionId by logging in as SystemUser and entering/committing the following code:

classmethod: System

"Return the session ID of the logsender or logreceiver session
 associated with this stone's role in a hotstandby pair."

^ self _zeroArgPrim: 151


Last updated: 1/23/15