Bug 44659

GemBuilder for Java

3.1.1, 3.1

All Platforms


Setting GbjSession.montiorSessionSignals to true will trigger "GBJ classes not loaded" error

Gem-to-gem and object change notification are activated for a GbjSession by setting the boolean flag monitorSessionSignals to true. But currently, doing so triggers the following spurious error during session login:

SEVERE: GBJ classes not loaded in GS/S Server java.lang.NullPointerException
     at com.gemstone.gbj.GbjSession.testForSignals(GbjSession.java:619)
     at com.gemstone.gbj.GbjSession.execute(GbjSession.java:1246)
     at com.gemstone.gbj.GbjSession.execute(GbjSession.java:123)
     at com.gemstone.gbjgci.GbjGciSession.login(GbjGciSession.java:348)
     at com.gemstone.gbj.GbjSession.connect(GbjSession.java:942)

Last updated: 8/5/15