Bug 44657

GemStone/S 64 Bit

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Mis-configured 6x to 2x conversion can fail without useful error messages

In 6x to 2x conversion, if you accidentally specifies the 64-bit extents of the 2.X stone as the source extents for the conv6xTo2x phase (by specifying the incorrect system.conf file in the command line, or by specifying the 64-bit extents in the system.conf rather than the 32-bit extents), then the conv6xTo2x step will fail with the report:

conv6xTo2x[ERROR]: conversion failure found. Check log <$upgradeLogDir>/convertGem-0.log conv6xTo2x[ERROR]: Errors found in conversion. Check logs listed above.

With the following entry in the stone log:

UTL_GUARANTEE failed, File /export/toronto2/users/buildgss/gss64-24x.1/src/stnlo op.c line XXXXX (line number may vary)
... [stack info] Error: premature logout/death of conversion session with processId XXXXX

But checking the indicated convertGem-0.log doesn't show any problems:

[Info]: Total pages needing conversion: XXXX
[Info]: Pages to be converted by this session: XXXX
[Info]: Starting PageId=X EndingPageId=XXXX
--- <timestamp> :
[Info]: Finished computing pages to convert.
[Info]: Ready to open source repository extent(s). GDBG> Leaving GEM debugger. Normal termination of stand-alone GEM
[Info]: Logging out...


Fix the configuration to properly separate the 32-bit extents from the 64-bit extents.

Last updated: 9/23/14