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Problems mixing 6.6.4 / 6.6.5 components

Normally, when new versions of GemStone are released that contain changes in internal data format and/or communication protocols between GemStone processes, an internal compatibility level is incremented so that attempts to mix-and-match incompatible versions (for example, trying to login a 6.6 topaz to a 6.5 stone) will generate a #gsErrBadGemStoneVersion error (4044) with the message:

"The Gem and Stone versions are incompatible. Stone version X.X.X , gem version X.X.X"

This level was not properly incremented in 6.6.5, so that the correct error message is not generated, but instead other problems occur.  Depending on the combination of components, possible problems include:

1.  The correct error, but the gem version is listed as "unknown".
2.  The login attempt hangs until the netldi times out.
3.  The login succeeds, but due to changes in the format of cache statistics in the SPC, information on these will be incorrect.

Customers are cautioned to be extra careful not to allow this to happen, since the usual internal safeguard is not in place.

Last updated: 9/8/14