Bug 44556


GemStone/S 64 Bit

3.2.16, 3.2.15, 3.2.14, 3.2.13, 3.2.12, 3.2.11, 3.2.10, 3.2.9,, 3.2.8, 3.2.7, 3.2.6, 3.2.5, 3.2.4, 3.2.3, 3.2.2, 3.2.1, 3.2,,,,,, 3.1


filein older code can introduce comment class method and confuse class comment handling

An option for Class comments in versions earlier than 3.1 was a class method with the selector #comment.  In some versions of GBS, such a method was explicitly created when the GBS tools were used to create a class comment.

This changed in v3.1, which stores class comments in an instance variable in the class. In v3.1 and higher, it is explicitly incorrect for classes to implement class methods named comment or comment:.  The upgradeComments script cleans up such cases in the image, moving the text of these methods to the Class comment variable.

However, if you have code filed out from versions earlier than 3.1, and file this into 3.1 or later, you may introduce the comment class method.  While this does not cause serious problems, it overrides normal class comment handling; edits to class comment handling via normal tools will never be visible.


Check for comment methods after filing in older code.

Last updated: 10/19/15