Bug 44292

GemStone/S 64 Bit

3.2,,,,,, 3.1


reclaimSleepTime causes unwanted sleeps during reclaim

reclaimSleepTime is intended to provide a sleep time when there is no work
for the reclaim gem to do, to avoid an idle reclaim gem using CPU.  This
parameter incorrectly causes a sleep after each transaction, if there are
no sigAborts and no shadow pages to reclaim.


The default for this configuration parameter is 10.  You can significantly
improve reclaim performance on affected versions by setting it to the lowest
legal value, 1.  To do this, log in as GcUser and execute:

   UserGlobals at: #reclaimSleepTime put: 1.
   System commitTransaction.

Last updated: 5/27/14