Bug 43515


GemStone/S 64 Bit,,,,, 3.1, 3.0.1, 3.0,,,,,,

All Platforms

3.2,, 2.4.6

Corruption problem on large IdentityDictionaries

When working with IdentityDictionaries with over 20K entries, there is
a risk that the value assigned to a key will be the association containing
the key and value rather than the expected value.  For example:

After performing:

anIdentityDict at: #key put: #value.
^ anIdentityDict at: #key

Rather than returning #value as expected, the code could return the Association
#key -> #value.


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! Patch for bug 43515 on GS/64 2.X -
category: 'Private'
method: KeyValueDictionary
_rebuildAt: aKey put: aValue

  self _rebuild ; at: aKey put: aValue

category: 'Private'
method: IdentityCollisionBucket
at: aKey put: aValue keyValDict_coll: aKeyValDict

"Private.  Adds the key-value pair (aKey, aValue) to the collision bucket.
 Returns 1 if this at:put: added a new key, 0 if this at:put:
 replaced the value for an existing  key .  "

| marker |

aKey == nil ifTrue:[ ^ self _error: #rtErrNilKey ] .

marker := self binarySearchForInsertKey: aKey.
marker < 0 ifTrue:[ "replace existing key"
  self at: marker negated putValue: aValue.
  aKeyValDict _markDirty .
  ^ 0
(numElements >= 974) ifTrue:[
  aKeyValDict _rebuildAt: aKey put: aValue .
  ^ 0
self insertAt: marker key: aKey value: aValue.
^ 1

category: 'Private'
method: IdentityDictionary
_rebuildAt: aKey put: aValue

  ^ self _rebuild ; _at: aKey put: aValue

Last updated: 5/8/14