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3.2,, 2.4.6,

Reclaiming dead while backup is running can corrupt repository

There is a small risk that if reclaim GC Gems are reclaiming dead objects while a full backup is running, internal tables tracking the dead objects will become corrupted.  This can cause a wide range of various types of page and object level corruption, including page cache errors, object does not exist errors, and corrupted application data.


If backups do not take a long time to run and you don't mind disabling shadowed page reclaim as well as dead reclaim:

1.  Run:  System stopAllReclaimGcSessions.
2.  Perform the backup.
3.  Run:  System startAllReclaimGcSessions.

If backups take a long time to run and you would like to keep shadowed page reclaim running:

1.  Run:  System stopAllReclaimGcSessions.
2.  As GcUser:  set UserGlobals at: #reclaimDeadEnabled to false.
3.  Run:  System startAllReclaimGcSessions.
4.  Perform the backup.
5.  Run:  System stopAllReclaimGcSessions.
6.  As GcUser:  set UserGlobals at: #reclaimDeadEnabled to true.
7.  Run:  System startAllReclaimGcSessions.

Last updated: 3/4/15