Bug 41755


GemBuilder for Java

3.0.1, 3.0

All platforms


Asynchronous signals delayed on quiet GBJ client

With the 3.0 GbjGciInterface redesign, asynchronous signals are currently
only signaled when GS smalltalk code is being executed or when the GBJ
client communicates with the gem.  This can cause delays in the receipt
and/or processing of these signals if there is no communication between
the GBJ client and gem.

Effected signals include SigAbort, LostOTRoot, gem-to-gem signals, and
object change notification.


Spawn a separate GBJ java client thread that periodically executes a no-op
GS Smalltalk operation to trigger any pending asynchronous exceptions.
For example:

    aGbsSession execute("nil");

Last updated: 10/17/11