Bug 40321

GemBuilder for Smalltalk/VA

5.4.2, 5.4.1, 5.4, 5.3.2, 5.3.1, 5.3, 5.2.7, 5.2.6



Debugger shows fowarder information rather than server object

When debugging in a server context, selecting a server object displays
forwarder information, rather than the object itself.  Double clicking
on the variable will brings up an inspector that displays the object.

After image save and restart, the default debugger is reset by VisualAge.
To verify, execute:
   EsImageStartUp debuggerClass

If it returns StsDebugger, or anything other than GbxDebugger, debugging
GBS/GemStone code may be subject to incorrect behavior due to this bug.


  GBSM enableGbsDebugger

After starting the image

Last updated: 2/4/10