Bug 36402



2.0, 1.1.6, 1.1.5, 1.1.4, 1.1.3, 1.1.1



GemConnect does not handle 2007 DST changes

The rules govering the start and end of Daylight Savings Time have
been changed for the US, starting in 2007. DST will start earlier
and end later.

GemConnect shared libraries include internal C code that implements
the old rules. This means that instances of DateTime read into
GemStone from Oracle via GemConnect, for US TimeZones, representing
times in the period from March 11, 2007 to April 1, 2007, will be
incorrect by one hour.  A similar problem exists for the period of
change in the end of DST, and the equivalent times in subsequent

GemConnect 2.0 uses GemStone server code for conversion when writing
GemStone DateTimes to Oracle, and earlier versions of GemConnect
required the customer to create a SQL string for writing a DateTime
to Oracle.  Therefore, writing DateTimes to Oracle is not affected
by this GemConnect bug.  However, due to the related GemStone server
bugs 35810 and 35811 (see
future DateTimes in US TimeZones during the affected periods,
depending on your application, may be incorrect in Oracle.

Note that Oracle also requires patches to handle the DST change.
Details for installing these patches are available at the Oracle
MetaLink site under 359145.1 and 402742.1.

Last updated: 3/7/07