Bug 14652

GemBuilder for Smalltalk/VA

5.4.6, 5.4.5, 5.4.4, 5.4.3, 5.4.2, 5.4.1, 5.4, 5.3.2, 5.3.1, 5.3, 5.2.7, 5.2.6, 5.2.5, 5.2.4, 5.2.3, 5.2.2, 5.2.1, 5.2, 5.1.4, 5.1.3, 5.0


GBS/VisualAge GemStone Bag Inspector does not list elements

Inspecting a GemStone Bag on VisualAge produces a GemStone Bag Inspector
that does not list elements contained within the Bag.


Inspectors on IdentityBag or IdentitySet do show the elements.  One
way to invoke a useful inspector is to send the bag the message
"asIdentityBag" and inspect the result.

Another way to inspect elements of a Bag is to open an inspector on
the Bag, then inspect its "dict" instance variable and execute the
message "self keys".  This produces an IdentitySet Inspector that
allows you to inspect elements of the Bag.

Last updated: 3/31/05