Professional Services

GemTalk Systems offers GemStone/S customers a wide array of consulting and training services, with a depth and breadth that match the sophistication of the customer base.

These services are flexible and can always be customized to meet your needs.

Consulting Services

With the help of GemTalk consultants, your GemStone/S infrastructure can operate more effectively and at less cost. Consultants are experts drawn from our pool of deeply-experienced engineers.

They can provide on-site advising and hands-on assistance with endeavors such as:

  • infrastructure tuning
  • optimization of systems speed and performance
  • version upgrade and migration
  • custom application and tools development

as well as temporary staffing for specific GemStone/S projects.

Training Services

GemTalk offers every level of training — from basic to advanced — to users of our software. The content of training is always tailored to the needs of your software teams.

Training can be held either:

  • at the customer site, anywhere in the world
  • at our headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon USA

Your most advanced software engineers may benefit from “boot camp” training about GemStone/S, where they come to Oregon and shadow our core engineers at their daily work.

For more information

To discuss your options for customized consulting and training, please contact James Foster, Director of Operations, at +1 503-766-4714 or