MagLev — a Ruby Implementation

Doing Ruby development and wishing for lots of persistent, distributed objects?

Try MagLev. Ruby that scales.

MagLev logo

MagLev is a Ruby-based implementation that provides “image-based persistence” for the Ruby language and native Ruby objects. MagLev makes the scalability and performance of GemStone/S available to the Ruby community. It can run with tens of thousands of concurrent processes spread across multiple cores and machines.

MagLev is a fast, stable, scalable Ruby implementation. It is open source and MIT-licensed. It runs on top of the GemStone/S 64-bit VM.

The open source project is at D.

To run MagLev you’ll need a GemStone/S Server,. Use the Web Edition of GemStone/S (a.k.a GLASS) D to develop, deploy, and distribute MagLev applications.

For further resources, see our Community for MagLev page.

What does it cost?

There is no charge to use GLASS as long as you abide by:

  • the terms of the License, and
  • the resource limits imposed by the included keyfile

This free Server should be sufficient for most small to medium sized projects. You may purchase higher capacity Web Editions of GemStone/S if needed.