GemStone/S Product Line

GemStone/S™ is the state-of-the-art platform for developing, deploying, and managing scalable, high-performance, multi-tier applications based on business objects.

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GemStone/S provides the flexible distribution of processing, security, and robustness your enterprise needs for a business-critical, run-time environment. GemStone/S supports high-availability online environments that demand 24×7 operation. For more than a decade, customers in finance, insurance, transportation, telecommunications, and utilities have used GemStone/S to host core business applications.

GemStone/S is based on Smalltalk — a mature, industry-standard language. Developers who have written Smalltalk applications and who work with Smalltalk clients will find it easy to build applications in GemStone/S. GemStone/S uses the same object model as Smalltalk, enabling seamless integration with your existing Smalltalk applications.

Read a blog post from a user D, explaining the role of the product.


The GemStone/S product family includes:

GemStone/S object server

The GemStone/S object server provides an advanced platform for developing, deploying, and managing scalable, high-performance, multi-tier applications. It provides the robust, scalable, secure, and flexible environment required for mission-critical applications, and supports the high-availability online environments demanded by 24×7 operation.

GemBuilder ® for Smalltalk

Provides an interface between Smalltalk clients and GemStone/S, and works with the Smalltalk execution engine to support application partitioning for improved client/server performance. GemBuilder for Smalltalk also extends the development environment by providing specific tools for developing GemStone/S applications, including browsers, inspectors, debuggers, and system administration tools.

GemBuilder ® for Java

Provides an interface between Java clients and GemStone/S and contains functionality similar to GemBuilder for Smalltalk. Since GemBuilder for Java’s development tools are implemented in Java, developers can create both Java clients and Smalltalk-based GemStone/S applications without leaving their preferred development environment.


GemStone’s relational database interface provides direct integration of GemStone/S and the Oracle relational database management system. It enables you to log into a relational database, submit queries and updates to the database, read information from a query in GemStone object form, and track modifications to data. It also provides support for collecting updates from multiple, concurrent client programs for posting to the relational database in batch.

Technical Support for GemStone/S Products

Our engineers provide documentation and proactive software support, keeping you up-to-date with technological advances. Customers can purchase contracts for on-call support and 24x7x365 support.