GemStone/S Transition

from Dan Ware, President and CEO of GemTalk Systems

May 1, 2013

We are excited to announce that our new company, GemTalk Systems, is now your source for the GemStone/S product offerings, support and professional services. The Smalltalk experts at GemTalk Systems — with their combined experience of well over 150 years with the product! — will support existing customers with the same experience and high quality of service that the industry has come to expect.

Our plans are to expand the GemStone/S 64-bit Smalltalk platform capability by designing and releasing new and innovative extensions to the core technology.

The GemTalk Systems team has a rich history of innovation and contribution to the Smalltalk community. We have a strong commitment to – and passion for – Smalltalk, and we are completely focused on enhancing and evolving our technologies and services to offer stability, reliability and outstanding support to customers who build and run their mission-critical applications on the GemStone/S platform.

VMware believes that GemTalk is a great fit for both GemStone/S customers and the Smalltalk community. We are confident that GemStone/S customers will be in good hands with seamless product support and continued technology enhancements.”
— Charles Fan, senior vice president of R&D, Storage and Application Services, VMware

Please look forward with us to a seamless transition on the service side, with an increase in innovation on the product side!

If you are a GemStone/S customer and you’d like to discuss the changes, please contact me directly.

Dan Ware, President and CEO
+1 (503) 789-5675

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