GemStone/S Technical Support

There are a variety of resources available to help you use GemStone/S products.

Resources on this Site

The material on this site may be able to answer your technical questions, and can help you with your GemStone/S product development. We recommend browsing this site to familiarize yourself with the help that is available, and check back periodically for new and updated information.


Product documentation is available online, in .pdf form. Consult the documentation first when you have any questions about GemStone/S products.


Bugnotes identify performance issues or error conditions that you may encounter. Before reporting a problem, we recommend checking the bugnotes to find out if this is a known issue, and if there is a workaround.

We strongly recommend that you periodically review the bugnotes for your version, to find out if there are any bugs that may affect you – before you actually encounter them.


Some commonly encountered questions or problems are answered in techtips.

Version Compatibility Matrices

To find out if a particular version of GemStone/S is supported on a particular OS or with a particular version of GBS, consult the compatibility matrices.

Technical Support

If your questions are not answered in documentation or other material on this site, you may need additional help. Three levels of assistance are available:

Community Support

Customers who do not have Technical Support may post questions on our customer email list, a community that includes many customers and users of GemStone products. GemTalk staff monitors this list and will generally respond to questions.

Customers with support may also find this list useful for some kinds of questions that are outside the scope of what Technical Support can help with.

Technical Support Help Requests

Customers who have purchased technical support may submit help requests directly to Technical Support, online, by email, or by telephone.

Website: The preferred way to submit requests is using our online support system:

Email: will open a help request for you on the support system.

Telephone: (800) 243-4772 or (503) 766-4702

24×7 Production Down support

24×7 Production Down support is available as an addition to a valid technical support contract, allowing 24x7x365 support for critical issues involving production systems. A special private phone number is provided to access this service. Use of this service is limited to issues that either have, or may, cause production system stopage.

Getting More Information…

If you have questions about your Technical Support, wish to purchase a support contract, or have support and wish to upgrade to 24×7 Production Down support, please contact