Support & Community

GemTalk engineers are the people that built the products, and they offer continuing support based on their deep expertise.

Our Engineers provide documentation and other technical material on GemTalk products so you can find out what you need to know and get the most out of your GemStone/S software.

In addition to traditional online documentation and technical support, there is an active community around GemStone products and the Smalltalk language, composed of customers, users, educators, and GemTalk Engineers. Our Engineers are active in the Smalltalk industry and participate in Smalltalk conferences; see About the Company.

Two of our engineers have relevant blogs:

Technical Support for GemStone/S Products

The Technical Support section of this site includes complete documentation, bugnotes, techtips, and other useful information to learn about GemStone/S products.

If you have more specific issues and questions, need more help with your application, or need on-site consulting to ensure your application is taking full advantage of the strengths of GemStone/S products, we also provide Technical Support and Professional Services.

Help for GsDevKit and GLASS

GemTalk Engineers are working in collaboration with the Glass community to enhance products and work with the community on the success of customer projects.

To learn more about getting starting and working with Glass: